Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When to Choose a Hosted Dialer Option

The latest hosted call centers make use of hosted dialer
and predictive dialer software.
If you go with a hosted dialer option, you can stay away from the massive overhead of purchasing predictive dialer software licenses because the software is offered as a regular monthly service. The actual hosted dial solution supplier is responsible for the expense of software license, the equipment infrastructure, and system maintenance and upgrades. If you own a business and have calling agents in a remote place, they are able to take advantage of hosted dialer solutions, as long as there is an adequate connection to the Internet. Therefore, any business from large to small could make use of a highly-efficient virtual sales staff along with minimal overhead costs.
Initially, hosted dialer services were employed mostly by smaller businesses, but some larger companies are beginning to look at the service. As a result of new technology such as predictive dialer and autodial software, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Voice over IP (VoIP), these types of solutions can offer large cost savings to businesses both large and small. These technologies are game changers, really, because any company can ramp up a telemarketing campaign rapidly and easily, at a really low cost.
Many companies also host customers on a common server with other customers, further lowering the service’s price. In certain cases, this might lead to your lines getting crossed with other clients, and if the server crashes, then your business can be unreachable until it can be rebooted. Apart from these types of hardware concerns, this type of dialer can lead to a surge in sales at a reduced cost. Your own virtual sales people will be able to work far more efficiently, even with a shared hosted dialer solution. Sales agents can easily give attention to their sales strategies; managers can focus on effectively managing the sales floor; and new agents can be more quickly and easily prepared.
A hosted dialer system could be a crucial component of virtually any business that relies on voice marketing for sales. For almost any small business that relies on telemarketing and phone sales as a method of generating more business, a hosted dialer system is certain to improve productivity and profits.

Facts About Hosted Dialer Systems

Thinking about a hosted dialer solution? Using Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, these solutions take advantage of web-based software and an Internet connection to place telephone calls. In contrast to a hard dialer, which functions by connecting a computer to other equipment, a hosted dialer requires just a computer and a dependable internet connection.
The main advantages of hosted dialer solutions include increased productivity, lower costs, and reduced expense for your organization. Simple, yet time-consuming jobs like dialing phone numbers are handled by the dialer software, enabling employees to focus more of their time and energy on service delivery.
It would be to your benefit to consider a hosted dialer solution if you find that your organization depends on telemarketing sales or any kind of high volume calling. These solutions can be configured to fulfill a particular business’ specific needs. Let us take the example of a hosted call center. Making use of a web-based interface, the system may be set up using custom settings for every agent before their shift begins. After that, all he or she will have to do is log into the website hosting the software and step through the instructions. The call center agent will then be able to concentrate on the customer, realizing that the phone dialer software is handling the most repetitive jobs of assigning numbers and calling them.